About David Forness
I'm David Forness, an American English teacher specializing in English communication skills and etiquette. I was an English teacher in an American school system for twenty-seven years. I have taught in Minnesota, Alaska, the Northwest Territory of Canada, and Vietnam. I have owned and operated a Free English School in Vietnam. For more information about myself and how I am where I am click here. You may also view my letters of recommendation if you are interested.

My Qualifications
     • Chairman of the English Department
     • President of the Mora Teachers' Association
     • S.I.T.C. International English School in Saigon, Vietnam
     • Home schooled children in a remote area of Alaska
     • English as a Second Language teacher
     • Small business owner
     • Selected Teacher of the Year
     • Coached track, cross country running, girls' softball,         and participated in nearly all outdoor activities
     • Certified and taught a state mandated Human         Relations Program to Minnesota teachers

My Strengths
     • Strong work ethic
     • Detail oriented
     • Resourceful
     • Dependable
     • Inquisitive
     • Enthusiastic.
     • Positive attitude
     • Team player

Advantages to Teaching English to Hotel Staff
English classes taught to Hotel and Restaurant workers yeild huge results;
     • Jump in confidence.
     • Workers feel empowered.
     • Feel loyalty to a company who cares about them.
     • More versatile staff.
     • Your business becomes more attractive to work for.
     • Workers become more harmonious.
     • Improves guest services.
     • Staff can solve potential problems more efficently.