Classes Presentation
     We do have a presentation avalible online that covers most aspects of our classes. It goes over our teaching materials and methods that we use. The information is avalible online, PowerPoint, and in PDF format as well.

Hotel and Restaurant Course
     First time language learners will be able to follow the material presented. Upon completion participants will be able to perform effectively jobs required in the hotel and restaurant industry. Actual conversation used on the job will be practiced. Learn how to talk to guests, co-workers, and managers. Learn how to be a successful team member. See additional pages for course outlines and material used.

College Preparation
     Help preparing for college entrance exams will be provided. Upon passage of entrance tests additional help will be provided improving success in ones college experience. Speaking, listening, and non=verbal communication will be practiced. Special emphasis will be placed on writing a successful multi-paragraph paper. The writing process used to accomplish the writing of an exceptional papers will be taught.

Business English and Management
     Participants in this course will be able to select the elements to be covered. Basic grammar, pronunciation, public speaking, non-verbal communication, active listening, and writing effective papers frequently used in the workplace will be completed. Role playing of real life situations will be practiced.

Small Group Conversation
     Casual conversation with co-workers, friends, or strangers will be completed. Voice inflection, stress, and pace will be emphasized. Common American idioms will be introduced. Additional elements can be included at the groups request.

On-line Tutoring.
     Content of this class will be at the students request. If web connections are possible then casual conversation could be completed.; Papers could be submitted on-line. Corrections with brief explanations would be returned. Suggested reading or practice, on the basis of weaknesses evident, would be suggested.